18.11.2023 18.30 - 21.00

Organizing Queer Nightlife for Solidarity Forum

ROOM 3 // Roter Raum

by QNIS Queer Nightlife initiative for Solidarity

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QNIS invites to a moderated discussion forum about how queer nightlife facilitators can join forces to fight back commercialization, gentrification, and other forms of domination.

This will be a space to collectively decide on issues we want to start collaborating on and what structures we need to in place to do so.

Let us combine our power and reach to make the changes each of us can not achieve on their own. Because we dance together and we stand together!


List of common concerns:

- closing of clubs / A100

- rising rents and cost of living crisis (DWE)

- accessibility in nightlife

- salaries & working conditions of club workers and artist fees

- living off being a promoter and nightlife facilitator

- supporting intersectional political groups & movements

- connecting events and parties to political initiatives



Barto (, QNIS)

Johannes (Interventionistische Linke, Choose, QNIS)

Marum (Ins3kt Ræve, Infinity Rug, QNIS)






QNIS Queer Nightlife initiative for Solidarity:

Queer Nightlife Initiative for Solidarity, short QNIS, is a first step to unite Berlin queer and feminist nightlife collectives and organizers to collectively work on issues and shared struggles, as well as to provide support to or join forces with social movements and activism. The initiative has an outspoken commitment to queer/trans-feminist, anti-racist, decolonial, and climate and social justice principles.