17.11.2023 11.30 - 13.00

Trance Dance Workshop

Learn and try methods to fall into and deepen trance states whilst dancing – with Rob Bennett and DJ Crawford

Culture Health & Prevention

The aim of this workshop is to learn and experience trance inducing methods. There are many ways to induce trance states but, for me, dancing is not only one of the most pleasant, but also one of the easiest. So in this workshop we will be learning simple techniques for attaining and deepening trance states whilst dancing.

The methods I use are derived from many sources and cultures – Zulu traditional healers from South Africa (Sangomas), contact improvisation, Dervish whirling, hypnosis and body therapy. My own extensive and fruitful dance experience also contributes significantly.

The workshop will be mainly practical, experiencing the effects of the techniques. There will also be some time to discuss our understanding of trance, what it is good for and other ways of attaining states of trance.