Alex Loverre

Alex Loverre


Psychologist, Project Coordinator , 4motion asbl | Pipapo , Pipapo

Luxembourg, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


Alex has been passionately involved in Safer Use projects within nightlife settings since 2014, initially as an intern and later as a peer. Upon completing his master's degree in social and intercultural psychology in 2016, Alex dedicated himself full-time to 4motion asbl, where he played a pivotal role in nurturing the initiative now recognized as PIPAPO. In his role, Alex is responsible for training and coordinating peers involved in nightlife interventions. His primary focus, however, revolves around the Integrated Drug Checking Projects DUCK and PIPAPOTER. Notably, PIPAPOTER extends its services to provide drug checking consultations throughout the week, offering individuals the opportunity to discuss their consumption habits and develop personalised safer use strategies. Alex is dedicated to fostering a safer and more inclusive party culture in Luxembourg.