Olivia Mendez

Olivia Mendez


DJ , KONVENT | mord



Olivia is a record proxenete, dealing grooves across territories her unique sound can reach. Strongly influenced by the sounds of Senegalese drums as a child, both as a percussionist and dancer, she eventually fell in love with the post modern aesthetics embedded in Detroit’s industrial landscapes. From Brooklyn to Kiev, she has been queering consciousness through her roaring, pulsing, sonorous soundscapes. Entangled in the UK underground for 5 mad years, Breakbeat, IDM, Experimental, DnB, Dub and Techno were some of the defining genres she explored as an artist. As a passionate vinyl archaeologist she keeps roaming record shops to excavate forgotten pieces that she cross-pollinates with the avant-garde, aiming to keep the magic, encoded in music, alive. Her background as a France and UK based music journalist, artist and event promoter imbues her DJ sets with an eclectic range, playfully leading us through deep, steady minimalistic journeys. She is also the founder of the FLINTA collective KONVENT, intending to create positive spaces to reinvestigate and elevate the discourse on contemporary feminism, through site-specific music and art interventions, where she smashes the patriarchy one beat at the time.