Aurelia Golowin

Aurelia Golowin


BA Sociology and History, CAS Sex Education

Sex Educator and instructor for empowerment , Taktvoll Sicherheitskultur AG , At Taktvoll, we combine security and safety with a focus on awareness, considering the impact of security work and related power dynamics and societal discrimination. This approach is embedded in our training structure (which addresses our employees and external customers). Besides specializing in the nightlife sector, we consistently explore how Taktvoll can meaningfully apply its expertise in various working environments.

Bern, Switzerland


Since 2018, I have been working with the security company Taktvoll, and this year, I have taken on the responsibility of training and education within the management. The vision of Taktvoll, for a comprehensive security culture with a special focus on awareness perspectives, represents the integration of various facets of my skills and interests. My educational background includes studies in sociology, history, sex education and social work. In addition to this, I have been practicing martial arts since childhood and have continuously expanded my knowledge of various self-defense methods. Over the past decade, my work projects have focused on the education of themes such as violence (prevention and intervention), gender, and sexuality.