Rüdiger Schmolke

Rüdiger Schmolke

Political Scientist / Master of Public Health

Change&Quality Manager for Drug Counseling&Prevention , Notdienst Berlin | Chill Out | Unvs. of Appl. Scs. Potsdam | Akzept | SONICS

Potsdam/ Berlin


Rüdiger Schmolke, MA Pol, MPH, systemic change manager. Lecturer at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. A dedicated raver in the early 1990s, he works in the drug field since 1997, when he joined the Berlin based eclipse project, co-organising large festival psycare interventions. He later managed the Potsdam based organisation Chill out. Rüdiger also worked for the Centre of Interdisciplinary Drug Research at Hamburg University, and specialized in drug trends, risk competence, and health promotion. 2018-2023 he coordinated the Berlin safer nightlife project SONAR. Since 2023, he’s a consultant for counselling and prevention at Notdienst Berlin e.V. In addition, he coaches social work executives and teams.