Side Event

18.11.2023 18.00 - 22.00

THE ND PROJECT – Tattooing Meets Club Culture

tattoo session followed by a video podcast

De, Fr, En
THE ND PROJECT invites guests from the club culture scene to share their experiences and insights, giving an engaging perspective on what was and is moving the scene yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
The name of the project, ND, stands for NEEDLE DROP.
As its name suggests, it finds origins in the analogy between the needle of a vinyl record player and the needles used for tattoos. The concept is designed to rediscover nightlife, (re)connect people, build relationships and a community, and above all, educate. For more specific insights visit our Instagram or YouTube channel.



Kyle Geiger (artist)

Olivia Mendez (artist)

Katty Lange (booker, Triangle)