Ingrid Stroom

Ingrid Stroom


Live DMA board member / freelancer , Live DMA / Thrust Productions

Estonia / Finland


Ingrid Stroom has an extensive experience in the live music sector, having worked in different parts of the industry for 20 years. She has worked with the production of a wide range of artists (Alicia Keys, Jean-Michel Jarre, Manowar, Queen+Adam Lambert, etc) and festivals (Blockfest, Flow Festival, Tuska, WKND Festival, etc) from different genres, shapes, and sizes across Europe. She’s known to advocate for equality and better work conditions in the sector. Today she’s working as a consultant and touring professional through her own company, Thrust Productions. She also is a board member for LiveDMA. In addition to her practical experience, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Media Management and a Master’s degree in Sport Business Management.