Norman Ohler

Norman Ohler




Norman Ohler is a Berlin based novelist and film maker. In 1995 he published the first hypertext-novel world-wide: "Die Quotenmaschine", a detective story set in New York. In 2001, his acclaimed Berlin-novel "Mitte" was published, followed in 2002 by a novel about Johannesburg called "Ponte City". In 2004, Ohler was writer-in-residence in Ramallah, and was the last person to interview Yassir Arafat. In 2008, Ohler co-wrote "Palermo Shooting", a film by Wim Wenders, in competition at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, Ohler’s first non-fiction book „Blitzed - Drugs in Nazi Germany“ became a New York Times bestseller: an explosive true story that uncovers an untold aspect of what fueled Hitler and the Nazi war machine, currently translated into 32 languages. In 2017, Ohler also published a historical detective novel: „Die Gleichung des Lebens“. His book, „The Bohemians“, about the resistance of young people in Hitler’s Berlin, appeared in Germany in 2019, and was published in the US, UK, China and many other countries in 2020. His new book „Tripped“ aka „Der stärkste Stoff“ about the history of LSD appears in the fall of 2023, and in the US, and other countries around Europe in 2024.