Andrea Piest

Andrea Piest

B.A. Cultural Studies, B.A. Social Work

subject specialist , Notdienst Berlin | Sonar Berlin | BISS | Nachtschatten Podcast


I am working in the field of aid for drugs users since I finished university (cultural studies, social work) in 2008. I moved to Berlin in 2012, started to work as a social worker for the Drogennotdienst, a national low-threshold 24/7 counselling service concerning all matters about drug use. From 2014-2021 I was responsible for all offers and new projects for Drogennotdienst Berlin as manager of the counselling center. Since 2022 I am subject specialist in the same company, now doing more concept work on topics like Chemsex/ sexualisized Substance Use (BISS .eV.) , safer use, harm reduction and mental health in nightlife (Notdienst Berlin e.V., Sonar Berlin) and accessiblity of drug related services for marginalized groups (Notdienst Berlin e.V.). My mission is to end or at least to lower the Stigma of Drug Use and to promote health strategies, for those working and enjoing nightlife. I am especially intrested in health care in nightlife and drug use in subcultures as well as drugs use in relation to political/socially changes.