Karsten Schölermann

Karsten Schölermann

Zauberlehrling , Bundesstiftung Livekultur



.Karsten Schölermann (Born 1960) was musician in the 80ies. Later he studied business economics (Master). He is owner and manager of Musicclub Knust (Hamburg) since 1983 and owner of the Musicclub LOGO (Hamburg) since 1994. He was Co-Founder and President of the 2012 formed "LiveKomm" Clubnetwork Germany for almost 10 Years. His recent project is the “German Festival-Survey 2023” with the 2021 formed “Bundesstiftung Livekultur” (Foundation). Since 1990 he runs an Agency for Runningevents (Hamburg Half & 10K Alsterlauf) aexperienced runner himself.