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16.11.2023 20.00 - 23.00


Identities: Nightlife, Gender & The Drugs

Culture Health & Prevention
Soirée Des Voyageurs #12: Identities
20:00 - Welcome
20:15 - Part 1: Sybaritism // film
20:45 - Reflections roundtable/ public
21:30 - Pause
21:45 - Part 2: nightlife, drugs & gender Identities // input & interactive workshop
23:00 - End
Part 1: Sybaritism
Risk prevention, drug use and sexuality with a strong gender perspective are a key part of the documentary. We found that providing an intimate and raw visual reference of other partygoers and their circumstances have prompted people to feel identified and understood. The contributors share their experiences within these dynamics where care, support and community become essential to a healthy party scene. Responsible protocols and action plans appear to be the only way to achieve it.For us, it was vital to open a dialogue around these subjects and the main reason we find that workshops are a necessary step to create accessible and safe spaces to obtain information and support. It is not realistic to be a part of the party scene and not acknowledge the vulnerabilities and shame that can be associated with pleasure, and how important it is to facilitate these spaces and foster these communities.
Sybaritism, 28 min
film screening: Malva Soler | director & filmmaker Sybaritism | Bristol
Reflection Group:
Roxi Lofcali | nurboese | Klubkomm Köln | GE
Orsi Feher | Psycare Austria | AU
Bianca D'Rozario| Punt | BE
Malva Soler | Sybaritism | Bristol / UK
Part 2: nightlife, drugs & gender Identities
Female participation has not been sufficiently studied in the field of party culture, nor in subcultural expressions such as the Free Party movement, where social invisibility is an essential characteristic for the survival of the scene, making research into the gender question even more challenging. In this second part of the Soirée we will start from the centrality that this countercultural experience acquires in the shaping of these women’s identities, backing a change in the feminist cultural approach. Taking the interpretative framework of Randall Collins’ ritual of interaction, in order to deconstruct the patriarchal mechanisms of participation that occur in the Free Party scene, warning of the subtlety of these naturalized superstructures, around a heterogeneous movement where anything goes, but which hides roles of participation and uses of space that do not match the political discourse of the movement.
Trailer: gender and female identities in the free party movement
Trailer screening 
Andrea Ruíz González | Universitat de València| ES
The two sides of the alternative festive culture: The free party movement as a space for shaping new feminine identities and subjectivities
Maria Giæver Lopéz | University of Westminster (London) | UK
Gender roles in nightlife
Interactive workshop
Moderation: Pascal Possler / Berlin | GE

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