Jordi Nofre

Jordi Nofre

PhD in Human Geography

FCT Associate Research Professor in Urban Geography , NOVA University of Lisbon , LXNIGHTS Research Group

Lisbon, Portugal


I hold a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Barcelona (2009). Since 2019 I am FCT Associate Research Professor in Urban Geography at NOVA University of Lisbon. I am coordinator of LXNIGHTS Research Group, and co-founder of the International Night Studies Network. My research focuses on the interplay between nightlife, tourism, and urban change. For the last three years I have been researching about the urban ecological transition and the future of Europe's nightlife industry (World Leisure Journal, 2023), the touristification of nightlife and the loss of tangible and intangible cultural heritage (Urban Geography, 2021), and nightlife as source of socioemotional well-being and community building (Annals of Leisure Research, 2023).