Matthias Dermout

Matthias Dermout

Event safety & nighlife hospitality , Flow Gent , Security concept of Gent Festival using atmosphere control instead of security

Gent, Belgium


Started as a volunteer on the board of a youth club. The aim was always to create a fun, safe environment for young people to get to know nightlife. From 2007, this was continued to "Sfeerbeheer", the safety crew of the "Gentse feesten" on the Vlasmarkt. 10 days of free partying on the square that stays open until 8 am. This is where all facets of nightlife are present. In 2016, we honed our ambition and aimed for professionalisation. We started to train people on our preventive vision and gentle approach during events. In 2021, Flow was established. The ambition is to make a legal framework for this missing part in nightlife and to offer well-trained employees at a fair salary. Safety with the big smile, as a buffer for security and emergency services.