Florian Falkenhagen

Florian Falkenhagen

Clubbetreiber , Cassiopeia Club



Florian Falkenhagen is one of the owners of Cassiopeia. As Managing Director he holds responsible for the Club, Beergarden as well as the Cafe, all three located in the center of RAW area in Friedrichshain. Cassiopeia is one of the most established sub-culture hubs in RAW bridging the gap between pop- and subculture by supporting new and upcoming artists from various fields. Since Florian joined the team in 2018, Cassiopeia successfully hosts more than 200 shows, concerts and parties each year. As the RAW area is about to change drastically due to development plans from a private investor, Florian is at the forefront of fighting to preserve not only what is the spirit of the area, but to make sure that local resident artists and venues remain included in the concept of the area. In order to do so, the most effective vehicle to give the residents of RAW a voice is the cooperative RAW Kultur L e.g., where Florian acts as head of the board. Before being heavily involved in the future of RAW, for more than a decade Florian ran music festivals including being one of the founding members of Wilde Möhre Festival, which is one of the first concept festivals in Germany. Wilde Möhre Festival combined hedonistic workshops with electronic music and showcased the next generation of festivals. As a speaker, podcast- and radio guest he advocates for a dialogue between all stakeholders involved in the decision making process of the future of RAW, as what will happen there is pointing the way for an entire industry.