Tibor Harrach

Tibor Harrach


Pharmaceutical coordinator , Drugchecking Project & vista Berlin , Drugchecking Projekt Berlin

Berlin, Germany


1995-96 as board member of Eve&Rave Berlin responsible for the realisation of the drugchecking project in cooperation with the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Charité Berlin. Founding member and long-standing board member of SONICS e.V. German Federal Association for Safer Nightlife. Co-founder of the Drugchecking Initiative Berlin-Brandenburg. Scientific work on the effects and analytical characterisation of biogenic drugs and mixed drug consumption. Work on interactions of psychoactive substances with antiretroviral drugs for the German AIDS Organisation. Many years of teaching at the Pharmaceutical Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin in the subjects of biochemistry, organic chemistry and clinical chemistry. Since 2018, pharmaceutical coordinator of the Berlin Drugchecking Project.