Liese Kingma

Liese Kingma


Curator, Co-founder , Space of Urgency

Berlin, Germany


Since 2016, Liese has been bringing together artists, activists, cultural venues, and urban change agents. She is dedicated to constructing and implementing vital connections between self-organized, socio-cultural entities and local governments. Her primary goal is to foster more participative and sustainable methods of accessing space. In addition to her role as the principal project leader and curator of the EFS conference, she serves as a project developer for the Space of Urgency platform. Within the Space of Urgency, Liese currently offers guidance on the formulation of the Free Space Policy in Amsterdam. She is also engaged in international endeavors like Spaces of Adaptation and The Next Generation of Cultural Spaces. Furthermore, she is actively involved in the conceptualization of spatial and participatory processes in various locations, including Amsterdam, Berlin, South Tyrol, as well as stretching into Southern and Eastern Europe. Her efforts revolve around uniting visionary artists and policy makers to enhance the vitality and well-being of cultural ecosystems.