Alexander Bücheli

Alexander Bücheli

Curation: Health | Culture , Schweizer Bar&Club Kommission, Newnet

Zürich, CH


Alexander Bücheli, born 1975, was from 2001 until 2015, in charge of Zurich’s nightlife prevention offer, Today as freelances he is member of Zurich’s Night Major Council and mandated from the Bar & Club Commission Zurich, the Swiss Bar and Club Commission and PromoterSuisse as nightlife-lobbyist. He is coordinating the international NIGHTS-conference, part of the Stadt nach Acht and president of the NEWNet.His vision of the night, as harm reduction activist, lobbyist, night-major and nightlife community developer is not only focussing on health and risk management, it’s also about city management and the development of an attractive dance culture, to enhance the pleasure of going out.