Alina Tomescu

Alina Tomescu


Project manager / Curator / Researcher , Amsterdance | Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis

Amsterdam, NL


Alina Tomescu (she/they) is a member of Amsterdance, a research group hosted by the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis specializing in Electronic Dance Music research. Alina's research within Amsterdance focuses on the institutionalization of nightlife and electronic music in Amsterdam. This entails examining the integration of club culture and electronic music within museum structures, as well as critically analysing new European cultural policies affecting nightlife, such as attempts to position club culture as heritage, or the integration of clubs in the official cultural sector and the subsequent access to subsidies. With seven years of professional experience in urban development, heritage revitalization, and policy development, Alina has been dedicating her attention to the academic study of cultural and spatial issues pertaining to nightlife in Amsterdam in the last two years. She is also a part of the Nacht=Leven, a citizen initiative lobbying for a more inclusive night in Amsterdam, as well as an organizer and curator of topics around culture at night.