Alex Azary

Alex Azary

Managing Director , MOMEM - Museum Of Modern Electronic Music Frankfurt

Frankfurt a.M., DE


Alex Azary, deeply immersed in the vibrant cultural landscape of Frankfurt, has been actively engaged since the 80s, having shaped iconic clubs like XS, Royal, Technoclub, and the legendary Dorian Gray. Here, he not only spun records but curated experiences, promoting early festivals like Euphoria and Holy X Mas Rave that became milestones in the city's cultural timeline. Azary's entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force behind a diverse array of ventures, from the groundbreaking AMV Distribution to ICM Music Publishing, Frontpage Magazine, and General Electronic Music, boasting labels like Elektrolux, Elux Records, Mikrolux, Phono Elements, psi49net, Planet Vision, PV Records, a.m. His ventures even extended into the realm of television with Space Night and Flowmotion, showcasing a multidimensional commitment to the audio-visual experience. Widely regarded as an innovator and pioneer, Azary's latest chapter sees him as the founding director of MOMEM - the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music and Club Culture. This venture is a testament to his dedication to preserving and celebrating the roots of electronic music and club culture. In his unassuming way, Alex Azary continues to be a silent architect, shaping and enriching the culture that he holds close to his heart.