Dimitri Hegemann

Dimitri Hegemann



Cultural Manager , Tresor Berlin , The Academy of Subcultural Understanding



Dimitri Hegemann, born in 1954, is a German entrepreneur, cultural organiser, label operator, spatial researcher and German music industry personality. He began his career in West Berlin, studied musicology, worked as a musician and ventured into record production. Hegemann's most notable early achievement was the founding of the Berlin Atonal Festival in 1982. He directed this experimental music event until 1991, pushing boundaries in Berlin's art and music scene. In 1991, Hegemann founded the Tresor Club and the associated label Tresor Records. The nightclub and record label have since become permanent fixtures in the global nightlife and techno scene. In 2007, the Tresor Club moved from its original location on the Wall strip to the old heating plant in Berlin Mitte. After successive development of the building, Kraftwerk Berlin opened the doors of its industrial cathedral on the site from 2010 and has since hosted various art and music events. The Kraftwerk Berlin is also the headquarters of the Tresor Foundation Berlin, which Hegemann founded in 2021 and whose charitable aims are to promote and preserve cultural projects and to protect against speculation worldwide. Other initiatives founded by Hegemann include Happy Locals e.V., a project to promote cultural development in rural areas, and the network association Berlin Worx. With his unconventional ideas, progressive formats and courageous investments, Hegemann secured a firm place for himself in the international music and cultural scene and influenced projects, artists and politicians worldwide.